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No child should be without a stable and loving home. At the Law Office of Dustin D. Jones, we are committed to helping our adoption clients find permanency for that special child (or children) in their lives.  As you expand your family, let Attorney Dustin D. Jones help you through the Tennessee Adoption process.  

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Termination of a parent’s rights to their children is a very serious matter not to be taken lightly.  The right of a person to parent their children is a constitutionally protected right, but it is not absolute.  Perhaps the parent refuses to visit or support their child.  Perhaps the parent is a drug abuser whose lifestyle and criminal behavior have made it unsafe for the child to remain in their care and custody.  


At some point it may be in the child’s best interest to terminate the rights of the parents so that the child can be made available for adoption by loving individuals who put the child’s interests first.  If you are caring for a child and considering adoption, call the Law Office of Dustin D. Jones for your FREE consultation today.

Termination of Parental Rights

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